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Amberwind (Re-mix) Amberwind (Re-mix)

Rated 3 / 5 stars


still i want to know what kinda hardware/software u use...

listen to my songs on soundclick for example.. ("absent reality" is a ambient type song you'll like it...) i only used software samples... mostly free so maybe we could trade crafts ;)

see my account for details...


Amberwind Amberwind

Rated 2 / 5 stars

use decent mixing

1: too loud mix in...
2: little to cheezy synth sound.... (clipping)
3: good efford.. and basic lines are good... but please leave the cheeze at home ;)

get a mixer with more Headroom or lower volumes...
use gates and compressor

omunai responds:

(response by Lord Julian)
Hmmm, I suppose after listening to black metal and various forms of music I care less for the quality of the recording and look past it and look unto the music instead. As much as I would like accomidate everybodys demands I frankly could care less as both my time and finances are not suitable at the moment